Circassian kitchen


The Adyghe Cuisine is rich with different type dishes, in the summer, the traditional dishes consumed by the Adyghe people were mainly dairy products and vegetable dishes. In the winter and spring it was mainly flour and meat dishes. An example of the latter is known as ficcin.

The Circassian cheese considered one of the famous type of Cheeses in the North Caucasus and world wide.

A popular traditional dish is chicken or turkey with sauce, seasoned with crushed garlic and red pepper. Mutton and beef are served boiled, usually with a seasoning of sour milk with crushed garlic and salt.

Variants of pasta are found. A type of ravioli may be encountered, which is filled with potato or beef.

On holidays the Adyghe people traditionally make Haliva (fried triangular pasties with mainly cottage cheese or potato). (from toasted millet or wheat flour in syrup), baked cakes and pies.

In the Levant there is a famous Circassian dish which called Tajen Alsharkaseiah.

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