Traditional clothing


Traditional Adyghe clothing

The Adyghe traditional clothing refers to the historical clothing worn by the Adyghe people. The traditional female clothing  was very diverse and highly decorated and mainly depends on the region, class of family, occasions, and tribes . The traditional female costume is composed of a dress, coat, shirt, pant, vest, lamb leather bra, a variety of hats, shoes, and belts. Holiday dresses are made of expensive fabrics such as silk and velvet. The traditional colors of females clothing rarely includes blue, green or bright-colored tones, instead mostly white, red, black and brown shades wear.

The traditional male costume includes a coat with wide sleeves, shirt, pants, a dagger ,sword, and a variety of hats and shoes. Traditionally, young men in the warriors times wore coat with short sleeves – in order to feel more comfortable in combats. Different colors of clothing for males were strictly used to distinguish between different social classes, for example white is usually worn by princes, red by nobles, gray, brown, and black by peasants (blue, green and the other colors were rarely worn). A compulsory item in the traditional male costume is a dagger and a sword. The traditional Adyghean sword is called Shaskhwa. It is a special kind of sabre; a very sharp, single-edged, single-handed, and guardless sword. Although the sword is used by most of Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks, the typically Adyghean form of the sabre is longer than the Cossack type, and in fact the word Shashka came from the Adyghe word "Sashkhwa"  which means "long knife".