Adyghe Xabze


Adyghe Xabze is the epitomy of Circassian culture and tradition. It is their code of honour and is based on mutual respect and above all requires responsibility, discipline and self-control. Adyghe Xabze functions as the Circassian unwritten law yet was highly regulated and adhered to in the past. The Code requires that all Circassians are taught courage, reliability and generosity. Greed, desire for possessions, wealth and ostentation are considered disgraceful ("Yemiku") by the Xabze code. In accordance with Xabze, hospitality was and is particularly pronounced among the Circassians. A guest is not only a guest of the host family, but equally a guest of the whole village and clan. Even enemies are regarded as guests if they enter the home and being hospitable to them as one would with any other guest is a sacred duty.

Circassians consider the host to be like a slave to the guest in that the host is expected to tend to the guest's every need and want. A guest must never be permitted to labour in any way, this is considered a major disgrace on the host.

Every Circassian arises when someone enters the room, providing a place for the person entering and allowing the newcomer to speak before everyone else during the conversation. In the presence of elders and women respectful conversation and conduct is essential. Disputes are stopped in the presence of women and domestic disputes are never continued in the presence of guests. A woman can request disputing families to reconcile and they must comply with her request. A key figure in Circassian culture is the person known as the "T'hamade", who is often an elder but also the person who carries the responsibility for functions like weddings or circumcision parties. This person must always comply with all the rules of Xabze in all areas of his life.

Circassian Xabze is well known amongst their neighboring communities.

If you came into this world, you should not turn his life into chaotic movement to a head.
First of all, aim for success in life and deeds. You must be a winner.
Do what you want to do and what you feel satisfaction in his soul. But do not conflict with Habze.
Be absorbed in the action and live each moment. Do not be tense, but be at full capacity.
Despise pain, hardship and loss. Adyghe repulsive complaints. Die Another Day, but do not show weakness. Know each overcoming elevates your spirit and promotes your business.
Do not be poor. Your shame, when your family is in need, when your children cast envious glances after another child. Multiply wealth, but do not let the gold dazzle your eyes, because every thing is strong in its framework.

Good and Evil.
Please take into pure mind, free from pollution and turbidity. Likened to the water surface, so that you properly understand and assess the essence of things, made the distinction between good and evil, creation and destruction.
Not pose an undue joy and sorrow.
Whether it is right in fairness, having power and being weak.
Be gracious to man, helping him in good deeds for his benefit, and not wait for requests for assistance.
Be merciful to small, weak, orphans and widows. Give them the part is laid up for themselves and not restrict their compassion.
Know their friends, and know their enemies. Prices first, whether it is true, broke the bread and give it another big piece, and do so, that he did not notice.
Be stronger and smarter enemies.
Evil does not do himself, but does not encourage those who create it to his weakness in front of them.
Said of old: "Let us make good and throw it into the water." And do not ask for this price. Tribute to those who do good things out of respect for Habze, but he has acted on the dictates of his heart, and without witnesses – indeed the richest man.

Spirit of the Circassian – Circassian body.
You send the mind, a mind mightier than the sword. Not zamutnyay his alcohol and drugs. You’ll lose control over themselves and, subject to baser instincts, to become like an animal. You want them to be – be. But do not call yourself Circassians, because your great-grandfather was called so, but he was not one of those who preferred to dope and do not mind if he was a warrior in charge Habze.
If not pretentious to food and never say "enough". A few words of praise for the food sent by God – is respect for a woman, cook it, but one word of rejection and there is nothing to justify your shame.
You want to be the bearer of the Circassian spirit? It needs an appropriate container. Your body – this vessel. You can not terrify his strength of a lion, but to feel every part of your body you are bound. The fat on your waist and your flabby muscles – Certificate incontinence and weakness of spirit.!

The cult of beauty and harmony.
Worship the beauty and honor her. Beauty – it is harmony. Strive to it all.
Beauty of God – this is the beauty of women.
Beauty, which we are surrounded – this is nature.
The beauty that we create ourselves – this is the beauty of relationships between people, their fullness of humanity and goodwill.

Truly poor man whose kunatskaya empty, because that more expensive than the guest, whether he is your relative, or just a traveler?
For guests there is no difference in age. He must feel in your home the warmth and protection, care and attention.
Especially must be taken to the visitor from a foreign country or from other people. Let him remember the heart of the word "keblage" and then the kindness and sincerity of feeling that he had met at the house of the owner.

Not kichis their own merit, and not boast about his abilities, not chase for dutoy glory.
Attained the strength and confidence, will not say "I". He will appreciate his word, and if his pigs on the things that lies at his home, he says: "I will try" as to deceive not proper.
Despise obsequiousness and cunning to the strongest, but do not confuse firmness in his convictions and the lack of reason in some cases. Pure reason tells you the path.

Yes, we have a great history and great nation, we have a wealth of ethical traditions, but we have not learned to cherish, appreciate and be proud of it.
We all know that cultural heritage not be neglected. After all, in both spiritual and physical preservation of the people it is crucial.
Thus, relying on the ethics of Circassian elite of the past, given the characteristics of modernity, we can formulate some ideas and principles that express the essence of the culture of the Circassians, to project a pattern of conduct where we want to adhere to any Circassian.
These ideas and principles are called "Uerk Habze", and express no longer Class ideology and religious ideology "foremost" Circassians, as a sort of symbol of spiritual renewal.

Uerk – a warrior, but the war on the battlefield is not always, and the eternal struggle – a life: the struggle with himself, with their weaknesses. That is why the greatest victory is the victory won not in battle, but on himself.

The veneration of antiquity.
Adyghe must feel respect for parents. Remember that they gave you life and that you are their flesh and blood. Relation to parents – the first indicator of your executed Xabze.
Adyghe must feel respect for all elders, whether it is at least a year of seniority only. Since they are closer to the ancestors and Habze. Honoring them, you read a kind of generation and its origins.

Woman – this is the beginning of life. Give life to children, as long as God will reward, without giving any one, to educate them in the spirit Xabze – this is her destiny.
Man, do not respect women, can not they be called.
Quarrel in front of her or intemperance of language – a sin.

Man – the head of the family, for the care and responsibility for the fact that the woman had not experienced physical and spiritual torment for the material welfare of the family. For the highest value of Circassian – a family hearth, and a woman – the keeper of it, so it should be read.

Your honor – it is your face. Honor and dignity are not begging, and not being bought, and deserved every day. But you can lose it for a moment errors. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should cherish and preserve their honor. In honor can sacrifice my life, but never – on the contrary, because Adyg can not live dishonored. For how can a living body, losing heart.

What is the beginning, that is the end. Do not seek death and not away from it, be indifferent to it. All are born equal, but die in different ways, and met his death say: "I was able to live with dignity, and be able to leave with dignity, and only ask God to people after my death, could say:" He lived for and died for Habze Habze. How glad we were born on, so he deserved the right to sincere sorrow for him. " Think about your children and their kind, who will inherit your name, in the world of fathers ought to leave honorably, as a true Adyghe.